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I have decided to start living instead of to merely exist after years of care giving. I am currently working towards my university degree and reaching higher consciousness through my practice of yoga.

Violence, Gender & Subjectivity

Das, Veena. 2008. “Violence, Gender, and Subjectivity.” Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol.37, pp.283-299.

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Gender Diversity Crosscultural Variations by Serena Nanda; Chapter 6 & Chapter 7 Notes

Chapter Six Sex/Gender Diversity in Euro-American Cultures The current view of gender/sex and its division into only male/female, man/woman is reflected in pop culture, biology & social science. Apart from scholars or gender variants themselves the historical knowledge of alternatives … Continue reading

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Janet Mock Transgender Advocate

Janet Mock editor is an inspiration to all with her brave decision to come out as a female transgender after hearing about so many LGBTQIA deaths and suicides. As a transgender advocate she has become a voice for so many … Continue reading

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Transgender Beauty Queen Allowed to Compete in Canadian Miss Universe Pageant

 Jenna Talackova, 23, knew she was a girl at the age of four. Can you remember being certain of anything when you were age four much less a sex that was opposite of what you were born into? Talackova started … Continue reading

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It’s a boy! Couple reveal sex of their ‘gender neutral’ kid after five years | The Sun |News  There seem to be a growing number of people who are making the decision to raise their child “gender neutral”. The couple featured in this article did not reveal the sex or name their child, who turned out to … Continue reading

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