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Conkey, Margaret W. and Joan M. Gero. 1997. “Programme to Practice: Gender and Feminism in Archaeology.” Annual Review of Anthropology. Vol.26, pp.411-437.

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WOMEN IN POVERTY, APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY…A POSSIBLE SOLUTION?            I read this article in my women’s studies class that really inspired me. I’ll attach it at the bottom but I’m sure most of you won’t read it as … Continue reading

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revisednotes Hopefully I did this right…Revised notes for= Week 9 group-Mary Casteen,Jenah Moody,Immecca Benson,Randall Hopkins,Allen Walker I put something in the description thinking it would show up on here…basically, great work. Brought it down about 2 pages, fixed some typos. … Continue reading

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NOTES chapter 4&5

Anthropology Bonvilliain Ch.4&5  

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The Slut Walk

The Slut Walk “No matter who you are No matter where you work No matter how you identify No matter how you flirt No matter what you wear No matter whom you choose to love No matter what you said … Continue reading

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