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I am an international studies student at Old Dominion University originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am pursuing a commission in the Navy in spring 2013.

Has Society Embraced a New Form of Fatherhood?

Over the past decade society has slowly seen a transition from the working dad to fathers fulfilling traditional motherly roles. The “Stay at home dad” isn’t quite as rare as it was years ago. With these new roles being satisfied, … Continue reading

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Lauren Silberman Becomes the First Female to Participate in the NFL Regional Combine

I was instantly intrigued when I read this article and thought that the possibility of a female field goal kicker in the NFL wasn’t too far fetched, even though her chances of making an NFL team were cited as nonexistent.  Katie Hnida, … Continue reading

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“Human Cockfighting”: Women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Senator John McCain once claimed that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was known as “human cockfighting.”  Looking back on that statement, MMA has been taken to new heights and is not only sweeping the nation but is making its footprint in … Continue reading

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