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The Female Cougar

Does age matter when it comes to love?  According to the stereotypes cast upon people dating someone of an older generation, it would seem so.   The first stereotype between a man and a woman where the woman is older will … Continue reading

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Segregation in 2013

At my high school, everyone was invited to prom. Hell, it was the social event of the year. However, the same doesn’t hold true for many high schoolers across the country, whose high schools and counties are stuck in a … Continue reading

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$30 Million Love Affair

There’s no doubt that having a broken heart sucks, but it’s one of those things we just live with as humans…right? Despite living in such a litigious culture, I had never even conceived of the notion of suing someone for … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Rape Culture

Over winter break I was in the library browsing the books. I happened across the book Fifty Shades of Grey. I grabbed it, thinking that it might give me a good laugh, but I have never been more wrong in my … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers to Boomerang Babies

How is it that our society can move from a generation where everyone is having kids, to a generation where no one can afford to have kids? Many of us have become victims in this “boomerang generation.” For anyone who … Continue reading

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