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Father Forgives Son’s Killer

Azim Khamisa’s son (Tariq Khamisa) was shot and killed by a 14 year gang member (Tony hicks) while delivering pizza. Mr. Khamisa compliments his son by saying “Tariq was a great soul, wise, charismatic, good-looking, a college student with a beautiful … Continue reading

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Parenting Dynamics In The Animal Kingdom

Throughout the animal kingdom there are many different “family/parenting” dynamics. Some male species have a more active role than other. The males role can be anywhere between being the one that gets “pregnant” to having a nonexistent presence in their … Continue reading

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Allomothers Across Cultures

While learning much about allomothers, a recently learned word to add to my vocabulary, I started thinking about their roles across different cultures.  Being originally from another country, and coming to the United States at a young enough age to … Continue reading

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