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Women & Poverty, more common than you think. In a recent study and this published article, it is reported that women living in America are more likely to experience poverty than men. Reportedly, 37 million American Women are living in poverty. This has caused the distance of … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl…

I have seen an influx in the media about the topic of father-daughter relationships. Here are two links to videos that I find incredibly problematic… Toyota Corolla 2013 Daddies money It almost seems unnecessary to discuss why these commercials are … Continue reading

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Pay-by-Weight for Airline Tickets

While browsing my CNN app on my Nook, I came across one of the most shocking headlines I’d seen in a long time: “Airline boss defends pay-per-weight ticketing.”  My first reaction to this was, “I cannot believe this! How can … Continue reading

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Family Structure and Economy

Family structure has varied widely throughout time.  One aspect of a society that could be looked at as having a large impact on the way its people structure their families is the economy.  While economies are dependent on the time … Continue reading

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Insurance Rates: Men vs Women

While it is proven that teenagers and the elderly tend to pose higher risks of hazard while on the road, why are men’s car insurance rates higher than those of women? A study conducted on insurance rates showed that men … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers to Boomerang Babies

How is it that our society can move from a generation where everyone is having kids, to a generation where no one can afford to have kids? Many of us have become victims in this “boomerang generation.” For anyone who … Continue reading

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