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Battle of Genders – Men vs. Women

Which gender has the upper-hand? I’ve always been proud to be a man; to know I dont have to deal with pregnancy, periods, and everything else that comes along with being a woman just feels like I won out. But what woman … Continue reading

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Brain Alteration and Addiction

Scientists have discovered a way to end addiction or addictive behavior in rats.  A laser light fires neurons to the brain where the addictive behavior is stored.  The light signals the neurons to turn “on” or “off”.  When the neurons … Continue reading

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Is Sex For pleasure Uniquely Human?

  We are all animals. We are made of the same organic molecules as all life. We metabolize. We procreate. We die. We also have sex not only to reproduce, but more often we are having sex for pleasure and … Continue reading

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The Evolution of MAN….and woman.

As I was stumbling recently, I came across this very interesting image under the category of Evolutionary Anthropology.  In a class that focuses on Gender relations in a cross-cultural perspective I felt that the creator of this image created a … Continue reading

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