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Daddy’s Girl…

I have seen an influx in the media about the topic of father-daughter relationships. Here are two links to videos that I find incredibly problematic… Toyota Corolla 2013 Daddies money It almost seems unnecessary to discuss why these commercials are … Continue reading

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Who Is The “Target” Audience?

WOMEN!!!! **Insert eye roll here** Or at least that’s what the Target brand is telling us with its new “Everyday Collection” featured at their stores and on commercials everywhere that doesn’t involve a single man. Target’s corporate website describes the “Everyday Collection” … Continue reading

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Is Pink the New Blue?

 For generations society has led us to believe the pink represents a color for girls and blue a color for boys. Each color often representing a color scheme located in ones room or closet. While studies have shown that girls … Continue reading

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Can we Both Wear Skinny Jeans ??

 Skinny Jeans Fashion has always seem to amaze me. Clothes are simply not just clothes, people judge other people on the way they dress. Society for the most part believes clothes represent the personality of the individual. If a person … Continue reading

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Hair has no Gender?

I was getting my monthly upkeep: hair, nails and wax while discussing my new classes with my hair stylist. I mentioned my Anthropology class and the subject matter…..sexual diversity when a light bulb went off in my head. Hair stylists … Continue reading

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You’re Only 10!?

For spring break this year I met up with some family in Edisto Island SC.  I was inspired to write this blog post because of my ten year old female cousin, Dallas who was there.  It had been about a … Continue reading

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Dude looks like a lady

Steven Tyler’s Favorite Mistake: Blowing Money on Clothes On dressing like a lady. Steven Tyler in Sept. 2011 doing what he does best., Kevin Mazur / WireImage-Getty Images

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