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Has Society Embraced a New Form of Fatherhood?

Over the past decade society has slowly seen a transition from the working dad to fathers fulfilling traditional motherly roles. The “Stay at home dad” isn’t quite as rare as it was years ago. With these new roles being satisfied, … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl…

I have seen an influx in the media about the topic of father-daughter relationships. Here are two links to videos that I find incredibly problematic… Toyota Corolla 2013 Daddies money It almost seems unnecessary to discuss why these commercials are … Continue reading

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Financial Abortion: What rights SHOULD a man have?

I believe we all remember the craziness that occurs around election time, and the way social issues get fired up in our media.  With all the talk of abortion, gay marriage, and wage gaps, it’s not hard to believe that … Continue reading

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What are TV shows coming to..

Today’s new channels are filled with reports of crime, death, war, success stories, and new of everyday information. I watch the news in the mornings and then sometimes at night to see what is going on and what I have … Continue reading

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Gender norms and King of The Hill

King of the hill is a animated comedy show centered around Hank Hill and his family. Hank’s relationship with his son Bobby is a frequent source of comedy on the show. Hank, a man’s man whose interests include football and … Continue reading

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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

In class we have talked about gender differences as well as the importance of motherhood. Laila Ali is a great example of both of these topics. Laila Ali is well known for being the daughter of the famous boxer Mohammad … Continue reading

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Male Birth Control

I found this fancy article as i was searching for my short blog article. I’m wondering how many men out there would consider getting this done? It’s a new birth control procedure that is 100% effective. The procedure takes about … Continue reading

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