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Drink Selection: The Big Decision

What signifies a manly drink or a ladies drink ? This topic has always beenbothersome for me. Even before I turned the prestigious age of 21, I was judged on the non-alcoholic drinks that I would order at a restaurant. … Continue reading

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Can we Both Wear Skinny Jeans ??

┬áSkinny Jeans Fashion has always seem to amaze me. Clothes are simply not just clothes, people judge other people on the way they dress. Society for the most part believes clothes represent the personality of the individual. If a person … Continue reading

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Gendered Product Placement

I snapped this pic in the Valentine’s aisle at my local Walgreens when I ran in for some cold medicine. Among the candy filled hearts were these, a heart packaged in fake corrugated sheet metal (with stenciled lettering) and a … Continue reading

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