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Gender bending for freedom?

History gives us many examples of women dressing as men to go fight or escape life AS a woman.  Anne Bonny and Mary Read were famous women pirates who dressed as men many times in their lives.  The famous colonial story … Continue reading

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“You Play Like a Girl!”

On Sunday March 3rd, the National Football League hosted it’s regional combine in New Jersey where potential players can tryout their skills in front of NFL scouts and coaches. For the first time in the history of the NFL, a … Continue reading

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“Human Cockfighting”: Women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Senator John McCain once claimed that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was known as “human cockfighting.”  Looking back on that statement, MMA has been taken to new heights and is not only sweeping the nation but is making its footprint in … Continue reading

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Gender norms and King of The Hill

King of the hill is a animated comedy show centered around Hank Hill and his family. Hank’s relationship with his son Bobby is a frequent source of comedy on the show. Hank, a man’s man whose interests include football and … Continue reading

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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

In class we have talked about gender differences as well as the importance of motherhood. Laila Ali is a great example of both of these topics. Laila Ali is well known for being the daughter of the famous boxer Mohammad … Continue reading

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Playing with Gender: Rule 63

One of the most fascinating things about pop culture is how fans of a genre make the object of their affection into their own possession. Such acts of “poaching” mass culture and remixing it into your own creation can take … Continue reading

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Gender Role Reversal Dating

Gender Role Reversal Dating This is a funny video that I came across on  Its funny their portrayal of young relationships with the gender role switch.  Sorry if a couple of the scenes are a little obscene, but its … Continue reading

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