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Battle of Genders – Men vs. Women

Which gender has the upper-hand? I’ve always been proud to be a man; to know I dont have to deal with pregnancy, periods, and everything else that comes along with being a woman just feels like I won out. But what woman … Continue reading

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Is there room for a rainbow colored NFL Player?

In the past sports have been less than open to accept people of color into their clubs. Eventually, of course, Racism has died down and people of color play in professional sports daily. This took time for people to accept … Continue reading

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Where are the missing victims?

Sexual harassment is not rare; it is extremely widespread. 40 – 60 % of working women and students at colleges are effected by sexual harassment. The “Legal definition of Sexual Harassment According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: … Continue reading

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“Human Cockfighting”: Women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Senator John McCain once claimed that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was known as “human cockfighting.”  Looking back on that statement, MMA has been taken to new heights and is not only sweeping the nation but is making its footprint in … Continue reading

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Scouting For Equality

The Boy Scouts of America have spearheaded the national scouting movement since their founding in February of 1910.  For over a century, the BSA have supplied boys across the nation with the skills required to form the foundation of manhood … Continue reading

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Weightlifting and Physical Attraction

There is a societal stereotype that guys who are always in the gym lifting heavy weights are viewed as bodybuilding brutes who make love to themselves secretly in front of a mirror.  Some view them as homosexuals who are narcissistic … Continue reading

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Guns, Cars, Sex; And why men think they are good at everything.

Let me kick off this post by first addressing a few things; First, the titled list is by no means complete, and by no means encompasses all men, so don’t be offended if you are or are not included. Secondly, … Continue reading

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