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Do women want chivalry around or do they want to phase it out in the push for equal rights?

Sometimes I ask myself, Why do I feel the need to hold the door open for a woman and let her pass through before I do but I will enter a place and make sure the man behind me catches the … Continue reading

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Drink Selection: The Big Decision

What signifies a manly drink or a ladies drink ? This topic has always beenbothersome for me. Even before I turned the prestigious age of 21, I was judged on the non-alcoholic drinks that I would order at a restaurant. … Continue reading

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Bath and Body Works Line for Men

  Bath and Body Works as always been seen as a store with a target market of female consumers.  They sale items such as lotions, body washes, shampoos, hand soap, candles, etc. These types of items mainly attract females and … Continue reading

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How Guys… versus How Girls…

There are a lot of stereotypes about the differences between men and women. The first five stereotypes that come to mind: 1. Men don’t cry. 2. Women are more emotional than men. 3. Men are stronger than women (physically). 4. … Continue reading

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Good Guy or Bad Boy ?

The phenomenon of whether a girl is attracted to the straight edge good guy or the down right bad boy had been discussed for a long time. Many girls will generally say they are looking for a guy who is … Continue reading

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Yankee Candle’s new line of man candles!

Scented candles have always been seen as a female household product. Candle smells that range from a fruity smell to a flowery type scent.  These candles are perfect to light up in a bedroom, during a bubble bath, or even … Continue reading

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Ironic Masculinities: Driving a Hard Bargain (or not)

This weekend I was watching NFL pre-season, which of course means car commercials. I saw three commercials, two for VW and one for Chevy, that were variations on the same theme. Both play off the cliche of male customers engaged … Continue reading

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