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Weightlifting and Physical Attraction

There is a societal stereotype that guys who are always in the gym lifting heavy weights are viewed as bodybuilding brutes who make love to themselves secretly in front of a mirror.  Some view them as homosexuals who are narcissistic … Continue reading

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Why cant we use these?!

In the world of birth control men do not have the same opportunities as women….. yet. For years some  women have enjoyed the convenience of birth control pills while most men & women  have been stuck using antiquated methods (Condoms, … Continue reading

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“10 out of 10 babies oppose circumcision”

“Routine circumcision of babies in the United States did not begin until the Cold War era. Circumcision is almost unheard of in Europe, Southern America, and non-Muslim Asia. In fact, only 10 to 15 percent of men throughout the world … Continue reading

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Male Eating Disorders

When people think about eating disorders the automatically associate them with young girls and women. While the large majority of women are consumed by this disorder, 10% of men are suffering from anorexia. While 10% doesn’t seem like a lot … Continue reading

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