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Equality? The Military Opens More Jobs to Women, But Not All

At one point in time, women were not allowed to join any form of the military. Warfare along with many other jobs in the military that had to do with danger, or any great deal of importance had been seen … Continue reading

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Women in the Workplace

Now, I use the term workplace losly here, because in this instance I would like the workplace to represent a military combat role. Recently congress voted to allow women in combat roles in the military, a huge step towards equality … Continue reading

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Women in Combat

  “Anything you can do, I can do better.” This dictum is often used when talking about gender equality. For centuries, women and men have held different roles in society. Women were looked at as the home runners. Their life … Continue reading

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Women in the Millitary

Recently Defense Secretary Leon Panetta along with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey has lifted a ban in January that will allow women to formally and officially serve in combat roles in the Military.  This will open up … Continue reading

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Women in Military Combat Arms

Women being allowed in combat arms are nothing about men vs. women; it is about meeting the standards of the US Army.  Yes, women should be allowed the same opportunities as men; however, they should be held at the same … Continue reading

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I was doing my morning activities as the opening cashier at my store when I came across the Virginian Pilot for that day and saw this article.  My first thought was—SAY WHAT NOW?  I mean I know there are plenty … Continue reading

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The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America

  If you have the time to look at this video, please do, jump through the whole video if anything. It is 70 minutes long. This video talks at first about how a terrorist group attacked a school, killing women, … Continue reading

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