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Evolution of the Disney Princess

Most of us grew up watching Disney’s animated movies. I can still remember the words to every song in The Little Mermaid, my first remembered Disney movie.  Yet, the way the Princesses are portrayed has changed drastically from Snow White … Continue reading

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Debunking Gender Specific Movies

One form of entertainment media that everybody seems to love, are movies.  Going to see a movie is just about the most popular thing to do for a fun date night or a night out with friends.  This is especially … Continue reading

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The One Where Everybody Dies

As an avid lover of horror films, I have grown accustomed to the gore, story lines  and typical plot twists. The gorier and the creepier the better in my opinion. During my extensive movie watching career I’ve noticed a trend in … Continue reading

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No Matter How Dominant Men Are, They Will Always Seek Permission From Their Wife.

Men are assumed to be more dominant than women for many reasons. Some might say they’re just more aggressive, obtain powerful positions in the world, or we just strive to be on top. Men are supposed to wear the pants … Continue reading

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“The Gender-Neutral Games”

Okay, call me a nerd, but I am obsessed with Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. I couldn’t resist but blog about it for this class when I stumbled upon an article, written by Tarina Quraishi of the Harvard Crimson, about … Continue reading

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whale rider

Last semester in my Intro Anthropology class I was assigned to watch a movie  called “Whale Rider”. I honestly thought it was going to be a movie that talked on the culture of this said tribe, but it was just … Continue reading

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