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What Women Want….. Just as Bad!

Both men and women participate in sex. It can be obvious that men vocalize their desire for sex more. However, is it obvious that women vocalize their desire for sex just as much as men do? Maybe, women vocalize their … Continue reading

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Sexuality in Hip Hop

Hip hop is notorious for reinforcing patriarchal gender norms that are present in our society.  It is a male dominated genre with many of the very few female artists even blurring the lines between femininity and masculinity through aggressive lyrics … Continue reading

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Will Female Emcees Ever Get as Much Recognition as Male Emcees?

  Will Female Emcees Ever Get as Much Recognition as Male Emcees?   At the start of my creative process, I found it challenging to develop a topic that would interest both my audience and me. This topic is expected … Continue reading

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Rap Is A Male Dominated Industry

Rap is a male dominated industry. Females have just as much to say as their male counterparts. Rap has evolved over the decades and so has female rap. In the 80s and early 90s, female rappers had no sex appeal, … Continue reading

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Living a Double Life

To what exent would you go through to fullfill your dreams? If society intentionally excluded certain people would you conform to their exclusions? Would you take the matter into your own hands? Or would you transform into what they wantyou to be? … Continue reading

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It took me a while but I finally found this video I saw a few weeks ago while watching the Spanish news. It’s a controversial video showing kids no more than 12 dancing to reggeaton very provocatively. After going viral many were left wondering what parents would allow their little girls and boys to dance like this. 

As a Hispanic woman I grew up listening and dancing to salsa, merengue, bachata, and samba. Latin America is very diverse and so is its music. All of the different types of music are meant to be danced by a man and a woman.  The dances are considered to be very sensual, romantic, and meant to be fun. It’s true when they say that Hispanics can’t do anything without listening to music. You shower, clean, cook, and work with music. It’s in our culture and perhaps in our blood to dance, but when do romantic moves turn into provocative movements? Where is the borderline?

It’s obvious by this video that these kids learn by watching, as do all kids. There are grown people in this video dancing along, yet the kids seem to be dancing closer and in a much more flirtatious and seductive way (check out the girl in 3:13). Judging by the kid’s expression I don’t believe they think they’re doing anything out of the ordinary, it’s just dancing to them. As a grown woman I think these kids are doing too much for their age, and what I find outrageous is that the grown ups and even the person filming this video aren’t doing anything to stop them. Call me boring, prude, or overprotective but my kids sure as heck wont be dancing like this!

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I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Not only did I think it was hilarious, but I thought it was genius to combine two groups that are totally opposite with impersonators of an early 90’s female group that had a great one hit … Continue reading

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Dude looks like a lady

Steven Tyler’s Favorite Mistake: Blowing Money on Clothes On dressing like a lady. Steven Tyler in Sept. 2011 doing what he does best., Kevin Mazur / WireImage-Getty Images

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The Influence of Music

Its been taking me days to come up with a topic that would be interesting to me as well as to others. I know this topic is going to have everyone pouring out his or her feelings and thoughts, but … Continue reading

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