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Brain Alteration and Addiction

Scientists have discovered a way to end addiction or addictive behavior in rats.  A laser light fires neurons to the brain where the addictive behavior is stored.  The light signals the neurons to turn “on” or “off”.  When the neurons … Continue reading

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Does Size Really Matter…

Men and Women brains are actually structured differently and in the way they react to events and stimuli. Men’s brains are eleven to twelve percent bigger than women’s brains. The size difference has nothing to do with the intelligence, but … Continue reading

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WOMEN: ARE THEY CRAZY OR JUST HORMONAL? After watching the film “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (2007) in class on April 3, 2012, I noticed that one of the underlying issues, other than the obvious (dealing with a … Continue reading

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Women feel pain more intensely than men

A recent study by HealthNewsDaily proves that we women are truly real life superheros. In this study researchers researched more than 250 diseases and tested almost 11,000 patients. In their results, women’s pain scores were almost 20% higher than the men’s.

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DREAM ON (do men and women dream differently?)

Dreams are something that truly fascinate me!  I have lucid dreams on a regular basis and record these dreams in a journal each morning when I wake up.  For my short blog post I decided to  take a look at … Continue reading

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Girls Gone Boys Gone Wild: Altering mouse’s smell can seriously mess with gender idenity

Everyone knows that the brains of men operate differently than the brains of women. A man’s brain operates off of testosterone, and this seems to be a fundamental key in the wiring in the brain. Testosterone is exposed to a … Continue reading

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