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Segregation in 2013

At my high school, everyone was invited to prom. Hell, it was the social event of the year. However, the same doesn’t hold true for many high schoolers across the country, whose high schools and counties are stuck in a … Continue reading

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Slaughterhouse of Horrors Kermit Gosnell, a 72 year old doctor in Philadelphia, is on trial for murder.  He is accused of using “unfathomable abortion procedures on inner-city patients who were well into their third trimester at an unsanitary, bloody, … Continue reading

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Who Is The “Target” Audience?

WOMEN!!!! **Insert eye roll here** Or at least that’s what the Target brand is telling us with its new “Everyday Collection” featured at their stores and on commercials everywhere that doesn’t involve a single man. Target’s corporate website describes the “Everyday Collection” … Continue reading

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Black “Fat”

  Are black women fat because they want to be? What an interesting question. When I think about black women in weight it never occurred to me that there was a weight issue. In the article I was reading titled … Continue reading

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What Are You? Short Answer: Alien

As a typical-modern-everyday product of the American society I have been exposed to a multitude of different people with unique ethnic backgrounds. Many of my friends as well as acquaintances are of various races. For example, two of my closest … Continue reading

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Are parents teaching kids racism subliminally?

As I was searching for something to write about, I came across an extremely important topic in an article called “Children’s Perceptions of Race & Friendship” on the sociological images blog site. Attached to the article is a CNN study … Continue reading

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Acceptance of Interracial Marriages on the Rise

America was founded as being a blending pot for all people, regardless of race, sex, gender, ethnicity, status, etc.  To this day it is still a blending pot for all people.  According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, the … Continue reading

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