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Pay-by-Weight for Airline Tickets

While browsing my CNN app on my Nook, I came across one of the most shocking headlines I’d seen in a long time: “Airline boss defends pay-per-weight ticketing.”  My first reaction to this was, “I cannot believe this! How can … Continue reading

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FGM!!! Tradition or Mutilation??

Female genital mutilation is a culture practice which is mistaken as a religious practice.  It is estimated 2 million women have had this procedure perform against their will through the years.  This procedure is still performed today throughout Africa, Middle … Continue reading

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Japan’s Maid Cafes and the Water Trade

[1] Japanese culture can seem unusual to westerners, even weird at times. This time, let’s talk about something rarely seen outside Japan, but quite popular inside it, maid cafes, host/hostess clubs, soaplands, etc… All are locations where a person pays … Continue reading

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Geisha – A Misunderstood Japanese Art Form

I have always been intrigued by women from various cultures around the world.  This interest of mine has led me to learn more about international women through books, movies/documentaries, art, and university classes and programs.  About seven years ago I … Continue reading

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First of many? Nepal has started a Revolution!!

In 2011, the country of Nepal conducted a census just as many countries do throughout the world. This census however was very different, the section pertaining to gender now contain a third gender. Those who felt as if they were … Continue reading

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Not-so-mixed Feelings about Saudi Arabia

During the class discussion following our viewing of Persepolis, I was reminded of an article I’d read years earlier. It was about a woman seeking to divorce her husband when he tried to remove her veil and look at her … Continue reading

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Forced to Marry at the age of FIVE… in the UK

It saddens me to know that a five-year old is forced into an abusive relationship by her own parents whom are supposed to be her protectors. You would expect incidents like these to occur  in third world villages; instead, a large … Continue reading

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Love Crimes of Kabul One day I was clicking through HBO and landed on this very interesting documentary.  This movie is about three Afghani women who are in prison for “moral crimes”.  The documentary starts out by saying that the Badum Bagh Women’s … Continue reading

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Where Are The Women Of India?

India has a major problem that Americans would think is extreme. Americans deal with child birth all the time and may or may not have abortions. But what if we were aborting babies and killing them based on their sex? … Continue reading

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Can Gender Equality Go Too Far?

The Christian Science Monitor published an article, specific to Sweden, but offers some valid ideas to think about. For example, should we use gender neutral identities with children? The article is obviously biased towards theologic doctrines, but we can agree … Continue reading

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