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Pay-by-Weight for Airline Tickets

While browsing my CNN app on my Nook, I came across one of the most shocking headlines I’d seen in a long time: “Airline boss defends pay-per-weight ticketing.”  My first reaction to this was, “I cannot believe this! How can … Continue reading

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The Face of a Man (a Maori Man)

These are the faces of men, tattooed in the traditional Maori fashion.  I was first exposed to  the Maori people when I learned about the New Zealand team the All Blacks.  This rugby team uses interesting intimidation moves at the … Continue reading

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whale rider

Last semester in my Intro Anthropology class I was assigned to watch a movie  called “Whale Rider”. I honestly thought it was going to be a movie that talked on the culture of this said tribe, but it was just … Continue reading

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