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Japan’s Maid Cafes and the Water Trade

[1] Japanese culture can seem unusual to westerners, even weird at times. This time, let’s talk about something rarely seen outside Japan, but quite popular inside it, maid cafes, host/hostess clubs, soaplands, etc… All are locations where a person pays … Continue reading

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First of many? Nepal has started a Revolution!!

In 2011, the country of Nepal conducted a census just as many countries do throughout the world. This census however was very different, the section pertaining to gender now contain a third gender. Those who felt as if they were … Continue reading

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Where Are The Women Of India?

India has a major problem that Americans would think is extreme. Americans deal with child birth all the time and may or may not have abortions. But what if we were aborting babies and killing them based on their sex? … Continue reading

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