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Inequality in the Workforce: WNBA vs NBA

Recently owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks went on to say that given the opportunity he would draft in the upcoming NBA Draft Britney Griner. During the draft, athletes who played in college can enter with a chance to play … Continue reading

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Ballin’ For Equality

Since the founding of their individual leagues, all of Americas top tier professional sports have been separated by sex.  While this may not be a product of specific rules, it has certainly become the norm to see men and women … Continue reading

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Is there room for a rainbow colored NFL Player?

In the past sports have been less than open to accept people of color into their clubs. Eventually, of course, Racism has died down and people of color play in professional sports daily. This took time for people to accept … Continue reading

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“You Play Like a Girl!”

On Sunday March 3rd, the National Football League hosted it’s regional combine in New Jersey where potential players can tryout their skills in front of NFL scouts and coaches. For the first time in the history of the NFL, a … Continue reading

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Lauren Silberman Becomes the First Female to Participate in the NFL Regional Combine

I was instantly intrigued when I read this article and thought that the possibility of a female field goal kicker in the NFL wasn’t too far fetched, even though her chances of making an NFL team were cited as nonexistent.  Katie Hnida, … Continue reading

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“Human Cockfighting”: Women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Senator John McCain once claimed that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was known as “human cockfighting.”  Looking back on that statement, MMA has been taken to new heights and is not only sweeping the nation but is making its footprint in … Continue reading

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Emergence of Females in Racing

Auto racing is one of the things that many people categorize as being very American, I mean whats more American than a bunch of people sitting in the stands watching a car make left turns, or watching a car speed … Continue reading

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Role models or Sex objects?

“No matter how toughened a sportswoman may be, her organism is not cut out to sustain certain shocks.” Said founder of the modern Olympics Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1896.Now that it is 2013 I wish I could say there … Continue reading

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“It All Started With An Orange Basketball y’all” – Wizard Kelly Y’ALL!!!!

So i was originally going to do my post on something else but someone already did it so i decided to do mine on female basketball players.  I have been noticing recently that alot of people do not like to … Continue reading

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“I can do anything better than you”

There has always been a struggle for women’s sports to compete with mens sports. Be it the fact that the WNBA has horrible ratings compared to the all male NBA, or the WPGA which is for all women golfers rather … Continue reading

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