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Is there room for a rainbow colored NFL Player?

In the past sports have been less than open to accept people of color into their clubs. Eventually, of course, Racism has died down and people of color play in professional sports daily. This took time for people to accept … Continue reading

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“Hail to the V”

Just a few days ago I was sitting on my couch watching TV, waiting for another commercial to end when I hear the narrator say the slogan “Hail to the V”. Now normally I do not feel the need to … Continue reading

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“Human Cockfighting”: Women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Senator John McCain once claimed that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was known as “human cockfighting.”  Looking back on that statement, MMA has been taken to new heights and is not only sweeping the nation but is making its footprint in … Continue reading

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Who Is The “Target” Audience?

WOMEN!!!! **Insert eye roll here** Or at least that’s what the Target brand is telling us with its new “Everyday Collection” featured at their stores and on commercials everywhere that doesn’t involve a single man. Target’s corporate website describes the “Everyday Collection” … Continue reading

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Stupid Dad, Stay at Home Mom, Gender Roles of Fox Cartoon Families.

I have never noticed until a couple nights ago watching adult swim, that I realized how similar all the fathers and mothers were in these shows. Family Guy and The Simpsons are the most alike. Peter from Family guy is … Continue reading

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What are TV shows coming to..

Today’s new channels are filled with reports of crime, death, war, success stories, and new of everyday information. I watch the news in the mornings and then sometimes at night to see what is going on and what I have … Continue reading

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