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Gender bending for freedom?

History gives us many examples of women dressing as men to go fight or escape life AS a woman.  Anne Bonny and Mary Read were famous women pirates who dressed as men many times in their lives.  The famous colonial story … Continue reading

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Japan’s Maid Cafes and the Water Trade

[1] Japanese culture can seem unusual to westerners, even weird at times. This time, let’s talk about something rarely seen outside Japan, but quite popular inside it, maid cafes, host/hostess clubs, soaplands, etc… All are locations where a person pays … Continue reading

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Living a Double Life

To what exent would you go through to fullfill your dreams? If society intentionally excluded certain people would you conform to their exclusions? Would you take the matter into your own hands? Or would you transform into what they wantyou to be? … Continue reading

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Janet Mock Transgender Advocate

Janet Mock editor is an inspiration to all with her brave decision to come out as a female transgender after hearing about so many LGBTQIA deaths and suicides. As a transgender advocate she has become a voice for so many … Continue reading

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Transgender Beauty Queen Allowed to Compete in Canadian Miss Universe Pageant

 Jenna Talackova, 23, knew she was a girl at the age of four. Can you remember being certain of anything when you were age four much less a sex that was opposite of what you were born into? Talackova started … Continue reading

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Kye Allums: A Male Trapped in a Female body

Kye Allums was a very controversial subject in the sport of women’s basketball during her career. Kye was the first openly transgendered athlete in division 1 history. She was a women’s basketball player for George Washington University. For those of … Continue reading

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Transsexual Teacher forced to Resign Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   Christina Cracraft was forced to resign her job as a teacher for the Santa Fe, New Mexico School District after it became known that she was … Continue reading

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