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Good-bye for now

Of Foxes and Hedgehogs is signing off, for now at least, as I concentrate my efforts on other things. Thanks to everyone out there in Internet-land who read and commented on my students’ blog posts. Hopefully the fox will return … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is arguably becoming more and more prevalent in today’s work industries. Over a course of many years, men and women have began to work together in various types of labor. Often, we see men being the dominant sex … Continue reading

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Home Economies in Time

There are many different types of households or home economies from all different types of cultures.  I am going to focus on three ages and try to stay to a similar culture and explain how I perceive the home economics.  … Continue reading

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Media and Society

Media and Society Magazines exhibiting the latest models, television ads telling you what products to buy to make yourself look better, young girls making actresses their role models. Media plays a central role in depicting how one should look to … Continue reading

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Women in the Workplace

It’s interesting to the change in American history with female employees in the workplace. It was not long ago that it was frowned upon for women to work in the workplace. Everyone remembers the American dream that was preached just … Continue reading

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Gender bending for freedom?

History gives us many examples of women dressing as men to go fight or escape life AS a woman.  Anne Bonny and Mary Read were famous women pirates who dressed as men many times in their lives.  The famous colonial story … Continue reading

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Crime between Males and Females with an Emphasis on Media

Crime is always occurring, but the type of crime that I would like to emphasis is crime between men and women. Violent crime statistics can concur that males are generally more violent and engage in more public violent acts then … Continue reading

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