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Where are all the female game developers?

In an earlier post, I examined the rising role of female gamers in the gaming community and the way women are portrayed. One of the comments to this post had an interesting point. “The roles that women are portrayed in are definitely … Continue reading

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Battle of Equality: Do Women have a Future in Video Games?

I love video games! I have been a gamer in every sense of the word since I was just a kid playing my brother’s Sega. I even had the Nintendo 64 Kid freak out when we got one for Christmas. Back then I didn’t … Continue reading

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Call Of Duty Reaching Out To Female Gamers?

When thinking of an average gamer people would usually think of a somewhat sloppy person, a bit overweight, and maybe a bit anti social. Female gamers do live amongst us and are not to be underestimated. They are all about … Continue reading

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