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Physical Violence and Rape Between the Sexes

Women have always been seen as the more “docile” sex.  But as times are changing so are we.  It was once thought that women could not defend themselves from their attacker. Today we are presented with a very different image. … Continue reading

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The pope gives God a two weeks’ notice

The head priest of the Roman Catholic church Pope Benedict the XVI shocked the world on Monday February the 10, 2013 as he announced his intention to step down as papal. The pope announcement to step down is the first … Continue reading

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Would u like to be “Legitimately” raped?

I am sure most of you were aware of the outrageous comment that senatorial candidate from Missouri, Todd Akin (R), made in August of last year. In an interview he was asked whether abortion should be legal in cases of … Continue reading

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Cross Cultural Violence between the Sexes There are still many forms of gender inequality and discrimination that has been constructed within culture and society that enables strain between genders that violence is able to exist in. Gender inequality is closely linked to the social problem … Continue reading

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At 8 Years Old ?

It has become my morning routine to check out the news as I begin my day. This morning , I read an article in the news  about a nine year old girl in Western Mexico who delivered a five pound … Continue reading

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Battle of Equality: Do Women have a Future in Video Games?

I love video games! I have been a gamer in every sense of the word since I was just a kid playing my brother’s Sega. I even had the Nintendo 64 Kid freak out when we got one for Christmas. Back then I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Color of Indifference

A woman is physically abused every nine seconds in the United States.  Every day, four women die of injuries from domestic abuse, which is also the leading cause of injuries to women.  One out of every four women will experience … Continue reading

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Reactions to Men facing Domestic Abuse From Women…. Same or Different?

To set the record straight at the beginning of this post I am completely against hitting women, I never have and never will.  As men we’ve all probably heard the phrase, “if you hit a women I’ll kick your a**.”  But is … Continue reading

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Where is the Honour in Killing?

            In our world today, many people would describe honor as fighting for your country, helping your family in need, or simply just doing a good deed.  However, in certain other countries, the word honor is used in a whole … Continue reading

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Bad Girls, Bad Girls!

We all have heard the Cops theme song “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”… But what about bad girls? Are women less expected to commit crime compared to their male counterparts? … Continue reading

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