Interesting Weblinks

In the course of my daily routine I cruise the Internet and find interesting things to read. Typically I come across these things by accident or else my friends post them on Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes I find them through other anthropology blogs in my Google Reader.

I don’t always have time to read these things. I might just press crtl+D to bookmark it for later. Eventually my bookmarks fill up and I’ll move the links over here to the Link Dump. If there’s something here that interests you, feel free to write about it for the blog.

Women use public transportation more frequently than men

Boy monkeys like trucks, girl monkeys like dolls

Don’t fall for smears against the Girl Scouts

The Future Is Female

Mainstream Feminism’s Demand for Realism: On “Fotoshop by Adobé,” aesthetics, and posthuman feminism

Sex and Violence in Role Playing

The violence of history: 1971 and the silencing of women

Women’s mug shots from 1930-40

Gender equality in the national politics of Mauritius

Book review of Hrdy’s “Mothers and Others”

Led by the child who simply knew

High school students making out with their parents

One teacher’s approach to preventing gender bullying

Electronic pioneer Daphne Oram

Size 12 (U.S.) model Katya Zharkova

Early medical “cures” for homosexuality

From the Geek Girl files
The Boy Who’s a Girl – transgender Manga

70-Year Old Grandmother on World of War Craft

Why strong female characters are bad for women

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