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Gender Diversity Crosscultural Variations by Serena Nanda; Chapter 6 & Chapter 7 Notes

Chapter Six Sex/Gender Diversity in Euro-American Cultures The current view of gender/sex and its division into only male/female, man/woman is reflected in pop culture, biology & social science. Apart from scholars or gender variants themselves the historical knowledge of alternatives … Continue reading

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Janet Mock Transgender Advocate

Janet Mock People.com editor is an inspiration to all with her brave decision to come out as a female transgender after hearing about so many LGBTQIA deaths and suicides. As a┬átransgender advocate she has become a voice for so many … Continue reading

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Transgender Beauty Queen Allowed to Compete in Canadian Miss Universe Pageant

┬áJenna Talackova, 23, knew she was a girl at the age of four. Can you remember being certain of anything when you were age four much less a sex that was opposite of what you were born into? Talackova started … Continue reading

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