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Where are all the female game developers?

In an earlier post, I examined the rising role of female gamers in the gaming community and the way women are portrayed. One of the comments to this post had an interesting point. “The roles that women are portrayed in are definitely … Continue reading

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Who Is The “Target” Audience?

WOMEN!!!! **Insert eye roll here** Or at least that’s what the Target brand is telling us with its new “Everyday Collection” featured at their stores and on commercials everywhere that doesn’t involve a single man. Target’s corporate website describes the “Everyday Collection” … Continue reading

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“It All Started With An Orange Basketball y’all” – Wizard Kelly Y’ALL!!!!

So i was originally going to do my post on something else but someone already did it so i decided to do mine on female basketball players.  I have been noticing recently that alot of people do not like to … Continue reading

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Men, Women, Murder

   In the United States, murder is an interesting topic, but what are the facts between which sex commits more homicides and which is more likely to be the victim of a homicide? In a study based on the FBI’s … Continue reading

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Sorry Guys, but Women can Fight Too

MMA and Martial Arts has been taking a rise in the world recently. There is no doubt that sports related to fighting are male dominated. Why is it that you will find sports that are almost completely dominated by one … Continue reading

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No Matter How Dominant Men Are, They Will Always Seek Permission From Their Wife.

Men are assumed to be more dominant than women for many reasons. Some might say they’re just more aggressive, obtain powerful positions in the world, or we just strive to be on top. Men are supposed to wear the pants … Continue reading

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Janet Mock Transgender Advocate

Janet Mock People.com editor is an inspiration to all with her brave decision to come out as a female transgender after hearing about so many LGBTQIA deaths and suicides. As a transgender advocate she has become a voice for so many … Continue reading

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